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Making decisions on property is not trivial, as they often have effects on our quality of life in ways that are not just material but also financial and emotional. Regardless of our experience levels in making decisions on our properties and homes, it helps to have an appreciation of what resources are involved, and how we can be resourceful about them. I hope you find the materials in this issue useful.

New HDB policy: Standard, Plus and Prime – how does it affect you?

Housing and Development Board (HDB) will change how it classifies Build-to-Order (BTO) projects, starting in the second half of 2024. The policy changes intend to ensure that HDB policies continue to remain relevant in Singapore's current social and economic construct.

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Understand the costs of buying a home

This article provides a comprehensive guide to the costs of buying a home in Singapore, including down payment, stamp duty, legal fees, and renovation costs.

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I seek to reach out to people who believe in safeguarding the interests of their loved ones. Let me know if I can be of help to someone you know or care about. We can make a difference to lives when it matters most. Cheers.
Joan Tong
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Testimonials and Referral Notes

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Jeremy Ng. Executive Senior Manager. Henry Kencana & Associates. Great Eastern Life

Not only is it a great system but it’s filled with great people leading the team. Namely Samuel who leads and Joan whom greatly supports. Joan gives her heart when she trains. And she is so open towards hearing and learning from us at the same time. Joan & Samuel constantly support and work hard as the backbone of HQ to add value to us. Not only is this consistent at point of sale of HQ system, it is also followed through with coaching and guiding our team after we became users of HQ. HQ incentives made it so helpful and encourage us to add value when we meet clients. This in turn attain great testimonials that supports the team as well as adds value to the marketplace. This is definitely a system to adopt for all practitioners out there!

Clyde Puah. Senior Financial Consultant. Champ Financial Group

It was a very interesting and fun-filled session when Joan came to our agency to take us through how the HQ system works. Joan was clear and patient in explaining & demonstrating ideas for our business which I found useful. It's a system that we look forward to using and working with as an agency. Highly recommended!

Josh Han. Great Eastern Life

Joan came over to demonstrate how HQ can be used for our advisory system. I found it fun and cool and I think you’d benefit from it too!

Joan Tong. Heartzmail & Headquarter

We missed Keon Chee, our moderator in this picture. HQ brought together this event with the support of our friends and associates. Bottom from left: Michael Seow, Benny Ong & Allen Lim. Top from left: Zi Lem, Will Ho, Samuel Koh, Joan Tong and David Chee. A massive THANK YOU to all of you for this successful and fruitful event!

Dawn Tay. Private Wealth Consultant. Prudential

Joan did a training session on how to use and maximise the HQ platform with my team and I today. We found it highly useful and interesting. We like her positivity, helpfulness and fun-lovingness. Do get to know her and learn more about how this thing works, you won't regret it!

Grace Ng. Senior Financial Planner. Great Eastern Life

Joan is a friendly trainer who is helpful and convicted in helping us to brand ourselves effectively. I appreciate working with her and her company Headquarter. I think you'd enjoy getting to know her as well! I highly recommend.