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As we embrace 2024, discover essential insights for a prosperous journey ahead. Explore key financial strategies and economic trends aligning with the Dragon Year's promise of prosperity. Immerse in the cultural vibrancy of the Lunar New Year celebrations. I hope this issue with its blend of wisdom and practical advice equips you to navigate the opportunities and challenges ahead with confidence. Together, let's ride the Dragon!

The Best Chinese New Year Menus for Reunion Dinner and More in Singapore 2024

This article showcases a variety of top restaurants in Singapore offering exquisite Chinese New Year menus for 2024. It includes six-to-eight-course set menus with premium ingredients, à la carte selections, and special dishes to celebrate the Year of the Dragon.

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Eight Money Resolutions to Consider for a Financially Secure 2024

The article outlines eight financial resolutions for 2024, focusing on evaluating personal finances, practicing the ‘3Ms’ (Measure, Monitor, Manage), starting an emergency fund, budgeting, investing in oneself, paying off high-interest debts, diversifying investments, and establishing a regular savings plan.

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Fortune Tales | The Story of Lunar New Year

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I seek to reach out to people who believe in safeguarding the interests of their loved ones. Let me know if I can be of help to someone you know or care about. We can make a difference to lives when it matters most. Cheers.
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Testimonials and Referral Notes

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Elicia & Team. SP Stanley Fu. AIA

Today we had a fruitful session with Joan on how we can use HQ for our advisory system. Do take the time to listen out to her interesting ideas!

Lynette Ng. Financial Consultant. AIA Singapore

I like how during our session with Joan, she was energetic and lively and made it a point to relate to us the benefits of the HQ system's features in an easy-to-understand manner. She's also someone who has our interests at heart when it comes to helping us understand how we can best use the system. Not to mention she's fun-loving & amicable too, and you'd enjoy getting to meet her!

Joan Tong. Heartzmail & Headquarter

We missed Keon Chee, our moderator in this picture. HQ brought together this event with the support of our friends and associates. Bottom from left: Michael Seow, Benny Ong & Allen Lim. Top from left: Zi Lem, Will Ho, Samuel Koh, Joan Tong and David Chee. A massive THANK YOU to all of you for this successful and fruitful event!

Jimmy Tan. AIA Singapore

I met up with Joan today to review our progress on how we can further enhance our business using the Headquarter platform. Found it refreshing and helpful. We have benefitted from the session. Get to know her soon!

Marcus. Prudential-Pathfinder

Joan came down to our agency to being us through on how to use HQ for our work. We found interesting and useful and I think you'd benefit from it.

David Choo. Director. Great Eastern Life

Joan came to our office to do a training session with us today regarding the HQ platform. It was fun-filled session. Not only that, we found it very interesting and engaging and we are excited about how their tools and system will help empower & add value to our clients, advisors and agency in the long term. Cheers!